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Alexis Finniss

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Her goal is to not only help mothers meet and exceed their fitness goals, but to provide a network of mothers for support on the journeys of fitness and motherhood.

Alexis grew up playing sports, anything from field hockey, lacrosse, basketball, tennis and soccer, to ballet and horseback riding. After playing lacrosse through college and being named the Southeastern Women’s Lacrosse League Offensive Player of the Year her Junior and Senior years of college, Alexis took up distance running to stay in shape. However, since moving to Jacksonville four years ago, new goals designed to break out of her comfort zone have made fitness much more than just fitting into clothes. No more run, bicep curl, and sit-up routine! It started with setting time goals for races (new half marathon PR) and evolved into trying new types of races (a full marathon, a kayak/run biathlon, a run/swim/surfboard paddle trident, and a traditional sprint triathlon).
Breaking out of your comfort zone allows you to continue to challenge yourself while rediscovering the fun of exercise through a variety of activities. Alexis has tested sports she never even considered before, like trapeze, ariel yoga and stand up paddle board yoga.

Alexis got certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a personal trainer in order to help others on their fitness journey. As a trainer, helping clients – particularly mothers – exceed goals they once thought were out of reach is the ultimate reward. It is also critical that we be good role models for our children. It is tremendously important for both ourselves and our children to develop a positive body image based on health and exercise.

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