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  • Fasting

    By Alexis Finniss | In Fitness, Food and Diet | on October 7, 2018

    Fasting, we’ve all heard of it, but what is it?  Fasting is purposefully going without food for a set period of time.  Religions include fasting, in fact every culture in every country has practiced some form of fasting for thousands of years.  On some level, our body is designed to fast, as you do it every night […]

  • This is Me!

    By Alexis Finniss | In Fitness, Food and Diet, Running, Strength Training, Strong Mom | on September 30, 2018

    New years, new weeks, new fitness fads challenge us to overhaul our lives to be the person society has told us we should be.  New challenges are a good thing, but a total life overhaul all at once is not and here is why. You should make peace with who you are, then try to […]

  • Proteins from Plants?

    By Alexis Finniss | In Fitness, Food and Diet, Strong Mom | on October 6, 2017

    We’ve heard the craze about “What the Health” we’ve heard the counter that you can’t get enough protein on a vegetarian diet. So here’s the question. Can you really get the proteins you need through plants? You may have heard that animal proteins tend to contain a good balance of all the amino acids that […]

  • Don’t drink your calories!

    By Alexis Finniss | In Fitness, Food and Diet | on March 26, 2017

    As busy moms there are few things that give us that moment of sweet pleasure like a hot cup of coffee.  The smell, the boost of energy, it makes us feel like we can take on the day – or make it through the afternoon slump.  But do we know what’s really in those sweet […]

  • Baby Steps

    By Alexis Finniss | In Fitness, Food and Diet, Strong Mom | on October 23, 2016

    All mothers remember the joy and excitement of our baby’s first steps.  Those sweet precious little ones letting go of the things they held onto and venturing out into a new method of movement. We know that it took a long time to get to that point.  Babies do not start out walking.  First they […]

  • Snacks, Not Just What, but When

    By Alexis Finniss | In Food and Diet | on May 22, 2016

    Ever notice how toddlers are constantly eating but hardly ever overweight? How is it that they can be eating all the time and is there something to it? Yes, and no. First, we need to address the dieter’s mindset that snacks and/or snacking is “bad.” Instead, we should think of food as fuel for our […]

  • Don’t be a Sugar Momma!

    By Alexis Finniss | In Food and Diet | on April 14, 2016

    Ever find yourself in the mid-afternoon slump searching for some candy or chocolate for an energy boost or “pick-me-up”? Or how about craving carbs on days when you have been crazy busy or had a long or strenuous workout. That boost you are looking for is coming from the sugars or carbohydrates (that are converted […]

  • Exercise Induced Iron Deficiency

    By Alexis Finniss | In Fitness, Food and Diet, Running, Strength Training | on October 25, 2015

    We all know that a healthy well balanced diet is important for athletic performance. As we increase our exercise we put stresses on our bodies that can lead to an increase in your daily nutritional needs. The one that most people have heard of is increasing carbohydrates when distance running aka “carbo-loading” or “carbing up.” […]

  • Truth in Advertising

    By Alexis Finniss | In Food and Diet, Strong Mom | on October 12, 2015

    Have you noticed with all the latest health trends there seems to be a lot more packaging touting the health benefits of what’s inside? But is it really healthy?? Or are they just taking advantage of us busy moms who want to get ourselves and our kids healthy food? It says it’s healthy on the […]

  • Using The 80/20 Rule

    By Alexis Finniss Lizzie Merritt | In Fitness, Food and Diet, Strength Training | on April 20, 2015

    Using the 80/20 Rule Have you ever heard of the 80/20 diet? It breaks down to 80 percent of the time you focus on eating clean, good-for-you foods, and 20 percent of the time you have the freedom to indulge or cheat. So how does that apply to building muscle or getting cut? If you […]

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