Attitude of Gratitude

By Alexis Finniss | In Strong Mom | on September 20, 2017

We all know that having a positive attitude has a positive influence on our lives.  It makes life more enjoyable, it makes it more likely we will meet our goals, heck it can even make you live longer!  What about those times when life just seems to be a bit too challenging?  What about when we are struggling to get through the day?  This is where we embrace an attitude of gratitude.

“It is impossible to be grateful and in a bad mood.”  This simple quote by Lysa Turkerst can be life changing. Have you ever tried it?  Those days when nothing seems to be going right, test it out. When you are having “one of those days” and it’s only 8:00am, give it a try.  Start out small.  When you realize there are so many things to be grateful for, it’s hard to justify that disgruntled feeling.

As a parent, my go to is my kids.  I am so blessed to have four healthy children.  In fact, everyone in my immediate family is healthy.  I’m blessed to have two healthy parents who still love each other. I even have grandparents that are still alive at 95 and 99!  I have two healthy happy sisters, we all have healthy happy marriages and healthy nieces and nephews. We have all our basic needs met daily, food, clothing, housing.  We live in a safe place.  Heck, I get to live where other people go for vacation.   After this latest hurricane, we all have a renewed appreciation for life, loved ones, reparable storm damage.  Then there are those creature comforts, power, air conditioning, phones…

There are so many things that are easy to overlook or take for granted that translate into an incredibly blessed life.  What are you grateful for?

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