Baby Steps

By Alexis Finniss | In Fitness, Food and Diet, Strong Mom | on October 23, 2016

All mothers remember the joy and excitement of our baby’s first steps.  Those sweet precious little ones letting go of the things they held onto and venturing out into a new method of movement.

We know that it took a long time to get to that point.  Babies do not start out walking.  First they must learn to hold up their heads, sit up, crawl, pull up, and cruise along holding on for support.  Each of these steps happens before they take their first step on their own.  Each baby has his or her own way of doing things.  Some babies skip right from sitting to walking, others army crawl some even scooch along before they take those first steps.  They each figure out what method works best for them to get where they want to go.

Like babies learning how to walk, we are each on our own journey of fitness and nutrition.  There are many steps that must be taken to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Many people resolve to make a change in their lives, decide to overhaul their entire lifestyle to be super fit and healthy only to get frustrated and revert back to their “normal” way of doing things.  So how to we get the results we want? Baby Steps.

Most of us do not like change.  Life is just so much easier with a routine.  We like to know what’s coming and what we can expect.  If we make small changes one at a time until they become our new normal or routine then we can end up with the cumulative effect of a total overhaul without shocking our system and without it seeming so difficult.  We need to figure out what works for each of us.

Where do we start?  That all depends on where you are on your fitness journey.  I like to start each of my fitness challenges by encouraging people to drink more water.  From there we move to making other small dietary changes. One at a time. For example replacing whole grains for processed or “enriched” flour.  One at a time, first bread, then pastas, then baked goods.  Or your could start with eating more fruits and vegetables as snacks, another alternative is cutting back on sugars.  You must figure out what first step works for you.  If exercise is your focus, try setting a new goal for yourself.  Pick a race and adopt a training program that will hold you accountable to get to race day.img_6505

Remember make the first change part of your routine and then challenge yourself to take the next step.  Those little baby steps will eventually lead to that overall healthy lifestyle you are trying to achieve.


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